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Many licensees and end-user customers take advantage of the REMINC/CONTI application test lab located in our REMINC office in Middletown, Rhode Island, USA.  Licensees and customers regularly send us and we test applications that can potentially benefit by using REMINC/CONTI products.

Licensees and end-user customers send small and large castings, stampings and forgings for us to perform tests utilizing TAPTITE 2000®, REMFORM® II™ and POWERLOK® screws or one of the many other REMINC/CONTI proprietary designs.



REMINC/CONTI has joined forces with Micro Control, Inc. (MCI) (www.mcrts.com) and has acquired a MCI 900 Transient Recording Analyzer units.  The MCI 900 Transient Recording Analyzer is a complete system for fastener testing, recording and analysis.  It can measure the torque, tension, elongation, and angle of rotation of a threaded fastener without altering any joint characteristics. 

An ultrasonic transducer is placed against the head of a bolt and a voltage pulse is delivered to the transducer, emitting a brief burst of ultrasound.  The burst travels along the bolt, echoes off the end of the bolt, and returns to the transducer.  The MCI 900 precisely measures the "time of flight", the time required for the burst of sound to make the round trip in the bolt.  As the bolt is tightened, the time of flight increases for two reasons, both of which are proportional to tension in the bolt:

                         1. The bolt stretches as it is tightened and causing the path length to increase

                         2.  Average velocity of the sound within the bolt decreases due to the average stress level increasing.

The MCI 900 Unit allows us to measure the torque-tension performance of TAPTITE 2000® bolts in actual applications.  We have demonstrated through comparative testing using our bench top torque-tension equipment that TAPTITE 2000® screws can develop tension similar to machine screws. By using ultrasonic testing, torque-tension comparisons can be made in actual applications without altering joint characteristics.  We invite you to take advantage of our ultrasonic-testing capability.

Download Micro Control MC900 Brochure