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TAPTITE® PRO™ thread forming fasteners advance current thread forming technology with the development of the Parabolic Profile™ thread form. The innovative new thread form, when combined with the proven TRILOBULAR™ cross section, provides low thread forming torque, excellent resistance to vibrational loosening along with high axial pullout and reduced overall cost of assembly.
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PeopleOnly 15% of the total "in-place cost" of fastening is the cost of the screw or bolt. The TAPTITE family of thread rolling screws and bolts lower the remaining 85% cost. i.e. the cost of pre-tapping the hole and other tapping related costs. We refer to this cost as the "Big 85" The use of TAPTITE® products lowers the "Big 85"!


Ford Motor Company
Ford Truck(www.ford.com)

Ford uses CORFLEX®-'I' TAPTITE 2000® bolts to secure the truck bed on "F" series pickup trucks, the highest selling vehicle in North America! Ford has realized unique production advantages as well as a stronger assembly by using TAPTITE 2000® bolts.

See why Ford highlighted this bolt in their recent TV and print ad campaigns.

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Cable TV Hardware

Manufacturer of cable TV hardware was having difficulty attaching circuit board to cast aluminum housing. During wave soldering operation the clearance holes in circuit board filled with solder. Solder was being removed in separate operation before assembly.
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White Paper on Round Thread Forming Screws

Claims have been made by a European supplier of round thread forming screws, that their round-bodied product out-performs TAPTITE 2000® screws in aluminum.  In response to this claim, we obtained samples of the round-bodied screws as well as castings made from the grade of aluminum on which their claims were based, in order to conduct some comparative tests.

The “White Paper” which follows provides a comprehensive study and analysis of the claims made by this supplier.  In summary, their claims of performance advantages were disproven through by our actual comparative testing.  Our TAPTITE 2000® screw clearly out-performed the round-bodied thread rolling screw.  As a caution, when presented with similar general claims, always consider that TAPTITE products have withstood the test of time, proving time and again to be the best performing thread rolling fastener available.

White Papers

TT TRS vs Round Body - CONTI
TT TRS vs Round Body - REMINC
TT TRS vs Round Body - German


* (pre-tapped holes)

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